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Slayer set to retire after 37 years with a grand tour

Slayer set to retire after 37 years with a grand tour

At some point, everyone will have the time to say goodbye. Even for the toughest guys. For almost 40 years, Slayer belongs to the upper class of Heavy Metal. But the mid-fifties are tired - and announce the imminent end of the band.

Slayers have announced that they will break up after "one last, final world tour". Slayer have joined forces with Lamb Of God, Anthrax, Behemoth and Testament to accompany them on the first leg of their last world tour in North America.

Kicking off on May 10, Behemoth tour comprises 27 concerts on the same stage with Slayer and the Polish band will leave the co-joint tour after June 20.

The band have now announced that they want to thank their fans for their support and for making the past three and a half decades a great time full of unforgettable moments with this latest world tour.

In a short clip on the "Facebook" page of the band states: "The end of days is near." The farewell is to be heralded with a final world tour. Singer and bassist Araya has been letting in interviews more often lately, that he could imagine a dissolution of the band. The dates of the announced tour will follow shortly.

"Slayer" belong beside "Metallica", "Anthrax" and "Megadeth" to the "Big Four" of the American Thrash Metal. Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman founded the metal band in 1981 in California.

They have created the most brutal and aggressive music ever written. You are one of the four bands that have defined a whole music genre. Other bands have to be judged by them, the other bands look up to them ... After almost 37 years, they have released twelve studio albums, a number of live records, compilations, live VHS tapes and two boxing sets and played almost 3,000 concerts, in which she received numerous awards, among others received five Grammy nominations and two Grammy Awards plus multiple gold and other accolades ... They also had their own exhibition at the Smithsonian Institute, graced countless magazine covers, had to deal with the painful loss of a band founder, and even appeared on The Tonight Show Occurred. The era of Slayer, one of the biggest thrash / metal / punk bands of our era, comes to an end.

At the concerts of Slayer things are going strong, which suggests the music of the band. Their songs are titled "Raining Blood" and consist of booming, distorted guitars played by tattooed beefy men and a mostly screaming singer. Actually no music for children's rooms - you should think so.

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