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Surrender (Tempt)

Laying on your holy bed
By the hallowed goal
Feeling like an infidel
Not worthy of your call
Tainted by your innocence
Beckoned to my fate
I won't face the consequence
I wouldn't hesitate

I'm a man of flesh and bone
Rapture, rushing through my veins
Passion, flaming, in my heart
Heavenly surrender once again, yeah!

Shackled like an animal
Chained to my desires
Just another sacrifice
To love's eternal fires
Tame me with your tenderness
And break my brittle heart
Easily an allied girl
You tear my world apart

I'm a man of flesh and bone...

We're living in a world full of illusion
Everything is so unreal
My mind is in a state of confusion
But I can't deny the way I feel

I'm a man of flesh and bone...

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