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The Meaning Of Love

I've read more than a hundred books
Seen love mentioned many thousand times
But despite all the places I've looked
It's still no clearer it's just not enough
I'm still no nearer the meaning of love

Noted down all my observations
Spent an evening watching television
Still I couldn't say with precision
Know it's a feeling and it comes from above
But what's the meaning, the meaning of love?

The meaning of love
Tell me the meaning of love
From the notes that I've made so far
Love seems something like wanting a scar
Well I could be wrong, I'm just not sure you see,
I've never been in love before

Next I asked several friends of mine
If they could spare a few minutes of their time
Their look suggested that I'd lost my mind
Tell me the answer, my Lord high above
Tell me the meaning, the meaning of love

The meaning of love...

Tell me the meaning of love

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