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Sister Of Night

Sister of night
When the hunger descends
And your body's a fire
An inferno that never ends
An eternal flame
That burns in desire's name

Sister of night
When the longing returns
Giving voice to the flame
Calling you through flesh that burns
Breaking down your will
To move in for the kill

Oh sister
Come for me
Embrace me
Assure me
Hey sister
I feel it too
Sweet sister
Just feel me
I'm trembling
You heal me
Hey sister
I feel it too

Sister of night
In your saddest dress
As you walk through the light
You're desperate to impress
So you slide to the floor
Feeling insecure

Sister of night
With the loneliest eyes
Tell youself it's alright
He'll make such a perfect prize
But the cold light of day
Will give the game away

Oh sister...

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