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Human Being

(spoken) ready
holervabeese (backwards talk?)
1234 (kazoo madness)
oh yeeeahh
oh yeeeeeeahh

well if you don't like it,
go ahead find yourself a date
go ahead now try to find a boy
whose gonna be what i hate

what you need is a plastic doll
with a fresh coat of paint
whose gonna sit through the night
and just always act so quaint

umne head eh yeahohhh yeah well uh

its your new friend
you're really making a scene
and I see you prowlin' around

I'm gonna take you to my knee
but you know that
there's just a reeling
never really what they mean
but you can try to generate some warmth
then you'll see just what I mean
dobbie dobbie doobie yeah

and if I've acted like a king
don't ya know it's cos uh I'm a human being
and if I want too many things
don't ya know it's cos I'm a human being
and if I've got to dream
don't you know it's cos I'm a human being
and when it gets a bit obscene
don't ya know it's cos, I'm a human being
I just gotta walk around
with my head up town
just like a human.. one more human being
I can hold my head so HIGH
just like a human,
a riff raff human being

won't ya gimme a little sip --
why won't you gimme a drag of that cigarette
why don't you try to drive me home
and then uh, never ever forget
but now, don't you blow it all
on a million dollar bet
because you're liable to lose it
on a bet that you've never had yet
no bababy baby ohyeah


in fact ya tell me it's not the human race
ya tryin to tell me I'm a big disgrace
ah baby yeah yeah yeah
fuck 'em fuck 'em fuck 'em all

well I may think that
++this's all really just a do a part of me in
it may be at the top of your manifest.
Every little that I mean but I kept
discover that with history baby
I'm just what I wanted to be
see that though I might take to those bare magazines
or the Hollywood rating machine
oh baby baby oh yeahhh


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